Historians who created this project

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RGHF Ambassador Emeritus, Chairman 2004-2006, Rotary Global History - DG 13/14 Matts O. Ingemanson: Inventor, Rotary Club of Yonkers, (past member Rotary Club of New York City #6), NYC, USA, D7230 Newsletter Editor (2001-2002 and 2003 -) Joined the project in the early months of 2001. RGHF Ambassador and Sr. Vice President since March 2003. Chairman of Rotary Global History 2004-2006 and a member of the RGHF Committee. Also, founding member



1. Foster the creation of web pages and encourage their use.
2. Encourage Rotarians to explore Rotary's past, as a tool to better understand its present and its future;
3. Provide valid Rotary information to Rotarians and the community at large.